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After a year of the COVID-19 Pandemic

One year on from the first ban on the repossession of rented homes, new analysis shows that more tenants are likely to lose their homes in the long term as a result.

NRLA has shown that there are an estimated 840,000 private tenants who have built rent arrears since lockdown measures began. With no action possible against them, these debts are increasing to the point where there is no hope of many being able to afford to pay them back. The outcome will be that most will have to leave their homes as emergency measures taper down from June.

Although most landlords have been working with struggling tenants to help keep them in their homes as far as possible, 60 per cent have lost rental income as a result of the pandemic. Of these, 39 per cent said the losses were continuing to increase.

The situation for landlords is being made worse by the strains that the courts are now under in hearing the relatively few cases that are being allowed to go ahead. It is taking an average of a year from a private landlord making a claim to repossess a property to it being enforced. Posted in NRLA, by Rhianna Abrey.

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