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Do you ever consider being a homeowner?

I never thought of being one, as I have shared about my property journey it gives a great look at what the future is really for me. I want to highlight the advantages of owning a property, calling it a house and eventually a home.

According to HomeOwners Alliance, it gives us the ultimate freedom and security. In which I can agree, it gives us a feeling of ownership and that we belong in that place. We can decorate it the way we want it and we get a comfortable feeling to make changes freely.

Another important consideration in owning a property is by saving our own money while also making money. What am I saying about saving and making money? Here is the best explanation for that, when interest rates are low it gives a better deal to own a property and with the increase in the property market, we get to have an increase in the value of our property. Also, the value of our house can help to get a secure loan.

We are investing rather than spending.

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