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Furlough Scheme

Will the end of the furlough trigger a property crash?

It feels like now more than ever there’s a lot of reasons Landlords and investors are being kept up at night… If we didn’t have enough to worry about between the pandemic and tax changes.

Now… We have an energy crisis that’s put energy companies out of business.
Soaring energy costs have families deciding this winter between heating and eating.
And for those whose bills are included in our rents.
Profit margins having the life squeezed out of them.
Signs outside petrol stations with NO FUEL written on them and a shortage of turkeys for Christmas.

2021 is sounding a lot like a chapter of a Dickens novel! With that said, this week marks the end of furlough. Landlords are asking, will my tenants be able to pay their rent?
And could this be the start of something MUCH worse?

Perhaps, a property crash?
So, right now, you’re probably wondering…
What do these changes mean for me?
What do they mean for my property investment plans?

Well, as someone who has access to some of the best minds in the UK property investing space, and a “collective intelligence” from attending the largest property investing meeting’s in the country, I have the fortune to be able to have a “birds-eye view” of what’s happening.

It’s worth keeping in mind with any challenge or crisis there are some HUGE OPPORTUNITIES.

Who do you know who doesn’t want their property anymore, who is tired of the ‘rat race’? I’m looking for properties in any state and I’m going to pay a fair amount in CASH with speed and certainty!!


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