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Investing in my personal development

I attended a 3-day training for Strategy Implementation Live, connecting with like-minded people around the world. To learn how to become an even more successful property investor, add more property education, and a great deal of networking.

Most important to consider is the investment for our personal development, and everything will follow. It begins with self-awareness. As I wrote last February about my property journey, it is me getting to know who I really am. Have you asked that question, who you really are?

The purpose in life that you want to pursue, the values, and beliefs that you want to keep. It can never happen when we are chasing other people’s dream. To achieve a lasting inner piece we will need to know ourselves. Once we know, we will get the right sense of direction in life. We will have a clearer picture of what we want to achieve. Decision-making is an easier task; goals are set properly.

This is a continuous journey that I am aware of, one that is long if I may say. I know that even though it is an unending one, it becomes easier to see the value and meaning of what we are doing.

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