Sell My House Quickly Sheffield

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Looking for Properties

We are local property investors looking for properties that are in need of refurbishment.

The properties must meet one or more (the more the merrier) of the following criteria;

  • Exterior outdated/run down
  • With tenant or vacant
  • Probate
  • Interior in need of refurbishment e.g. bathroom and/or kitchen needs replacing, painting & decorating, new carpets
  • Smelly
  • On Market for a long time
  • Chain needs completing
  • Distressed/motivated seller
  • Not been decorating for 20+ years
  • Leaving the country
  • No large outstanding mortgage
  • Repossessed/Company Sale
  • Sale fell through
  • Development opportunity
  • Retiring Landlord

We are able to move quickly with any purchase and can pay cash.

Any properties that fit these criteria please send a message and we can schedule a call.

If you would like to arrange a meeting to discuss how I can be of help, the easiest way to do this is to complete the enquiry form at Sell My House Quickly Sheffield website, where it will ask you some basic details of your property on which I will contact you.

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