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Moving Abroad?

Retiring and want to move outside the country permanently is a major decision one will have to reach a conclusion. If you are determined to push through with your plan to sell your house, Congratulations! It will give much-needed financial security when you start a new journey in another country from the money generated from your property you sold and it will be a substantial cash injection.

If you need to sell your house quickly in order to emigrate we can help complete the process quickly.

Relationship Breakdown?
Going through a divorce or any kind of similar stressful breakdown.

It is already complicated going through a divorce or separation but it is an additional complication in deciding to sell your house together with your partner.

Things to consider which can lead to selling the property;

  • Who gets to stay in the house?
  • Refinancing?
  • The mortgage payments?
  • Dividing the property?

To help you out and lessen the burden you are having, we can help if you decide to sell your property fast.

Stop House Repossession?
Mortgage arrears and bankruptcy are the most common reason for repossessions. Failure to pay secured loans or second mortgages can result in repossession.

We can stop your house being repossessed by negotiating with your bank or building society.

Inherited a Property?
If you inherited a house or flat that you are too busy to take care of you can sell it quickly here.

Inheriting a property mostly has an emotional impact, the reasons will mainly due to the death of a family member or a close relative who passed away. The ins and outs of the process can sometimes be complicated, adding the inheritance tax and probate in the complex matters.

To ease you up with the complicated process, and instead of leaving the property unoccupied, we can help you sell it quickly here. Free legals and a cash offer in hours.

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