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We Do Not Leave Any Stone Unturned

There is a saying “to leave no stone unturned”.

Have you ever experienced working on something that you don’t give your 100%?

I don’t think you would feel satisfied knowing that you did not give your best to anything that you do. It may be a project at school or a task at work or maybe a competition you joined.

You may not get the perfect score on a test, but you know you studied hard to get all the answers right, you can never say that it was a waste of time, because even if you made some mistakes you get to learn from them.

The same goes with what you do in your workplace, you prepare and present everything you’ve got but if the client still manages to point out changes they wanted, your hard work did not go to waste.

You just gain some space for improvement.
It’s like not winning the first prize in a competition but you captured the attention of everyone by trying your best and giving all you can to finish.

It may not always end up the way you want it but to make every possible effort to find someone or something to solve a problem is what makes the experience worthwhile.

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