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What gives you joy and motivation?

Has there ever come a time that you felt like dragging yourself to work? That it’s taking you too long to do things that you normally just breeze through? You might be experiencing the “sloth syndrome,” when you fail to do things that you are supposed to.

This has nothing to do with age nor the feeling of being overwhelmed; this is simply your body responding to your emotions in doing things you don’t feel like doing.


If you are experiencing this at work, in business, or in any endeavour, you might need to rethink and pivot, instead of begrudgingly doing something repeatedly despite the lack of joy or motivation.


Here’s how you can start dealing with sloth syndrome: get a piece of paper and try to write down at most 20 ways on how you can improve your present situation. Then, try doing them one-by-one, and see the results afterwards. Repeat what’s working, change what’s not.


Life is too short to stick to something that no longer gives you joy. Let’s have a quick chat to know more about what I do.
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